How To Attract New Patients To Your Practice

Patient Referral Bonus System

Dental Marketing Idea#1

For a longtime practice, over seventieth of recent patient growth ought to come back from internal patient referrals. nevertheless, existing patients don’t usually read your practice as a growing business in search of additional patients. thus, however, does one keep your name at the highest of their minds and encourage them to inform others concerning your services?

By giving a broad referral bonus program. The motivation for patients is simple: If someone recommends you apply to an admirer, and if that friend lands up visiting your apply, then the first referrer is rewarded with a bonus, like a reduction or a dental product. This program has the double advantage of partaking with patients, each previous and new, and lovely them to your application. What’s additional, all you would like to try to is give straightforward referral cards at the workplace or tuck them into your different apply mailings.

To make this idea even simpler, contemplate incentivizing staff to inspire them to assist improve and grow your apply, not simply through referrals, however altogether sides of your operation.


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